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Niels Christian Juul
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

External Activities
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Curriculum Vitae

CV of Niels Christian Juul

Short Curriculum Vitae

Niels Christian Juul holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen (1993), and a Danish Master of Science Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Copenhagen (1988).
PhD Thesis: Comprehensive, Concurrent, and Robust Garbage Collection in the Distributed, Object-Based System, Emerald, available from DIKU as DIKU-rapport 93/1 or here in PostScript and PDF.

Niels Christian Juul is Associate Professor in Computer Science at Roskilde University since 2000. From 2016 a member of the research group User-Driven IT Innovation at the Department of People and Technology (IMT). Between 2006 and 2016 a member of the research group User-Driven IT Innovation at the Department of Communication, Business, and Information Technologies (CBIT). Between 2002 and 2006 Head of the the Computer Science Section, Head of the Department VII - Communication, Journalism and Computer Science and Acting Head of Department of CBIT.

Between 1995 and 2000 Associate Professor in applied computer science at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Informatics. Previously PostDoc at Department of Computer Science, University of California, Riverside, USA and PhD student, Assistant Professor, and Amanuensis at DIKU, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, working in the DistLab group at DIKU.


Current research focussing on IT Security including identity, biometrics, and privacy. Acceptance of technological innovation including the relations between technical, organizational, and human aspects are studied in the context of designing, building and maintaining innovative and secure IT systems.

Research background in distributed systems, in particular the underlying technology: distributed operating systems. Focus has been on both design, implementation, performance, and paradigms for process communication, concurrency, distribution, consistency, replication, object-orientation, and fault-tolerance. Especially within management of memory from memory allocation to garbage collection and distributed shared memory.

Related areas of research include: computer architectures, networks, Internet, operating systems, mobile computing, security, and programming languages.

Further research in the application of above technology to electronic commerce and eGovernment, especially within the area of standards, security, architecture, mobility and back-end integration. Also policy issues and IT-politics are studied including the regulation and dissemination of new technology, e.g., the Internet, EDI, WAP, PET, Biometric-ID, and electronic commerce.

An updated CV as of November 2018 is available here as 13 A4-pages in PostScript or PDF and in shorter version as 5 A4-pages in PostScript or PDF.


Selected publications with preferences to newer publications, including references to on-line publications.

Larger publication list including duplicated publications, in PDF format or PostScript (7 pages).

Professional Societies

Niels Christian Juul has a long standing membership of the following professional societies:

The Association for Computing Machinery
ACM The Association for Computing Machinery - The First Society in Computing
Member of Special Interest Group in:
  • Electronic Commerce (SIGecom)
  • Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing (SIGMOBILE)
  • Operating Systems (SIGOPS)
  • Programming Languages (SIGPLAN)
NCJ Logo  
CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
A public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society (still supportive, but no longer a paying member)
Dansk IT
Dansk-IT Dansk IT - Danish IT Society
The Danish national organization affiliated with IFIP.
(still supportive, but no longer a paying member)
IFIP The International Federation for Information Processing.
Membership of Technical Commitee:
  • TC 8 Information Systems (Working Conference on Electronic Commerce
  • TC 11 Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems
Datalogisk Selskab
  Dansk Selskab for Datalogi
Former Chairman of the board for The Danish Computer Science Society
  Society for Information Technology, IDA-IT
Member of the board for IDA-IT, a technical society under The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA).
Danish Information Systems Professionals in Silicon Valley
DISP The Association of Danish Information Systems Professionals in Silicon Valley.(still supportive, but no longer a paying member)
The IEEE Computer Society
IEEE-CS The Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Membership of Technical Commitee on:
  • Internet (TCI)
  • Operating Systems and Application Environments (TCOS)
  • Security and Privacy (TCSP)
  • Wearable Information Systems (ISWC)
(still supportive, but since 2004 no longer a paying member)
The USENIX Association
  The USENIX Association
The Advanced Computing Systems Association originally rooted in the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working with the UNIX operating systems.
I'm the Campus Representative for USENIX, and have all USENIX publications including proceedings available.
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