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Niels Christian Juul
Associate Professor, Ph.D.

External Activities
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  • IT-security:
    • identity,
    • biometrics and
    • privacy
  • Dissimination, Innovation and new Technology
  • Network, security and collaboration:
    • EDI,
    • eCommerce,
    • eGovernment,
    • Mobile Computing,

Current Research Projects

  • SourceIT, a project investigating innovation and globalisation in companies doing outsourcing. Currently working on sourcing contracs.
  • EDI-usage, a project startet under Center for Electronic Commerce at Department of Informatics
  • Mobile Computing, a project using WAP-technology. Investigating XML and BlueTooth also. Together with Niels Jørgensen.

Past (but still alive) Research

  • Emerald A distributed object-oriented language and run-time system. I've especially been involved in the run-time system supporting distributed mobile objects and the distributed garbage collection.
  • Mirage+ A distributed shared memory (DSM) system with a Unix System V Interface providing sequential consistency by using a write-invalidate protocol.
    Work on fault-tolerant DSM called Reliable Mirage+ is ongoing. A framework for classification of fault-tolerance and consistency in DSM systems has been developed.
    Mirage is being developed together with the systems research group at University of California, Riverside.
  • Internet, Intranet, Transactions, Replica, Consistency, Databases and Programming Languages - a project with Lars Frank and Niels Jørgensen within the research group nicknamed: Distributed Systems Group a part of the IT Systems Development group within the Department of Informatics.
  • Utilities on the Internet , a project using Internet-technology. Investigating mobility, embedded systems, networks, and security issues. Reserach together with DistLab at DIKU. The project also includes DELTA and three Danish companies, supported by goverment funds.

Research Themes

Research interests are centered around experimental system science with keywords like:

  • networks, Internet, and global interactive communications,
  • mobile computing,
  • electronic commerce, esp. transactions and security,
  • consistency and replication in distributed systems,
  • distributed operating systems and object-oriented programming,
  • memory management and garbage collection, and
  • distributed shared memory (DSM)

Wireless Center at IHK
Wireless Center at IHK

COST Action 2101 on Biometrics for ID and SmartCards
COST Action 2101 on Biometrics for ID and SmartCards

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