Torben Braüner, PhD, dr.scient.

I am a Professor (mso) of computer science at Roskilde University where I am head of the research group Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems (PLIS).

Buy the book Hybrid Logic and its Proof-Theory based on my dr.scient. thesis. Read a review in Studia Logica. Excerpts from the review: "...the present book is a coherent, unified, and very readable entity. ... Throughout the discussion is clear, informative, and natural. It can be recommended as a book to read, as well as to consult, after a basic exposure to hybrid logics. ... The book ends with a somewhat philosophical discussion... I will not try to summarize the author's points. I will say I enjoyed the discussion. And the book."


My main research interest is logic and the application of logic in computing as well as philosophy and psychology. I am particularly interested in non-classical logics (mainly modal and hybrid logics). See my entry in RUCforsk (Roskilde University's research database), in particular the project Hybrid-Logical Proofs at Work in Cognitive Psychology funded by the VELUX FOUNDATION. I was principal investigator of the projects HyLoMOL (2005-2008) and HYLOCORE (2009-2013), both funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council.

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Department of People and Technology
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Roskilde University
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