Introduction to programming

Autumn 2009, Block II


This course description supplements the course description at the homepage of the Basic Studies Programme in the Natural Sciences. We use the programming language Java and the aim is that you after the course can write small or medium size programs. The integrated development environment JCreator is used at the course. The course is organized as 24 lessons of 3 hours each. At Tuesdays the teaching takes place 1300-1600 and at Fridays the teaching takes place 0915-1200, both days in Datastue 42.1 (room 42.1.39). Note that the teaching at Fridays begins at 0915, not at 0900. The room is close to the entrance of Building 42.1, just turn right after entering the building.


Further information can be found at the course plan, all references are to the textbook (BJ).


Teacher: Torben Braüner (


Evaluation: During this course, you will have to

  1. hand in your solution to at least half of a number of exercises (in groups of up to three students)
  2. hand in your solution to 3 mini projects (solved individually)
  3. take a small oral exam (15 minutes) based on your mini projects


Concerning mini-projects and oral test: Note that the mini-projects must be solved individually. You may discuss ideas in general terms with other students but your solution must be your own. In the oral test you are expected to be able to explain the code and the underlying ideas behind the program and you should be familiar with the main topics of the course.


Handing-in:  Solutions to exercises should be send to the course teacher by email: Please indicate clearly who has participated solving the exercise. Solutions to mini projects should include the programs developed as well as a description of the program. Such a description may outline known errors in your solution and should also present any extension that you have added to your solution.


Teaching materials: Cay Horstmann: Big Java, Third Edition. Wiley, 2008. Supplementary notes will be handed out or made available via the homepage of the course.


Supplementary teaching material

SUN Microsystems Java Source

SUN Microsystems Java Download Page

SUN Microsystems Java Tutorial

SUN Microsystems Java API Specification

A brief introduction to Java at Computer Science

Big Java’s homepage

JCreator’s homepage