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Roskilde University

     Section for Philosophy and Science Studies                                                                 Jens Hoyrup, Jens Hoeyrup

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                                                                                                                                                                                                      Updated 29 December 2022

Honorary Research Fellow,
Institute for the History of Natural Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences


Visiting scholar

Max-Planck-Institut fŘr Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin

(not in permanent residence)




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                                                                                           Naively I had believed that at my age I could do without a public CV,

                                                                                           but after all I am asked for one so often that I give in. So here is one.


                                                                                                                                                                 Letter concerning Aestimatio, 8 April 2018



Electronic texts concerning selected themes (mostly manuscript- and preprint-versions):

Mesopotamian mathematics

Ancient Egyptian mathematics

Ancient Greek mathematics 

Medieval Islamic mathematics

Indian mathematics

Practitioners' mathematics

Links between mathematical cultures

Ethnomathematics and prehistory

Jordanus, Fibonacci and other medieval Latin mathematics

Abbacus mathematics

Archimedism and other Renaissance mathematics

17th Century

History of algebra and proto-algebras

Miscellaneous history of mathematics


Mathematics and war 

Baroque science

General and miscellaneous history of science


Philosophy of mathematics and science

Methodological and metatheoretical reflections



Ancient water clocks



Social theory


Materials for the study of Fibonacci

(including Scritti di Leonardo Pisano, ed. Baldassare Boncompagni)




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