Versions and downloads

HYPROLOG was first released as version 0.0 in 2005 developed for SICSTus Prolog 3.

In 2008, small bugs were corrected and the system ported to other platforms mentioned below. The following versions are available.

Make sure you have read conditions of use before downloading; see left menu.

Platform HYPROLOG Version Download files Tested Prolog version Status
SICStus Prolog 3 HYPROLOG SP3.0.2 3.8.12 Internal and external testing
Tested on included sample programs
SICStus Prolog 4 HYPROLOG SP4.0.2 4.0.4 Adapted from SP3.0.2
Tested on included sample programs
SWI Prolog
until version 6
HYPROLOG SWI.0.2 5.6.61 Adapted from SP3.0.2
Tested on included sample programs
Version 7 and later 7.2.3 Adapted from SWI.0.2
Tested on included sample programs

The different HYPROLOG versions are maintained in separate sets of files. The different Prolog versions differs in

The CHR rules generated internally by HYPROLOG for assumptions differ in HYPROLOG SP3.0.2 and the other two. HYPROLOG SP4.0.2 and HYPROLOG SWI.0.2 use a cleaner implementation which seems to fit better for the newest optimizations embedded in the CHR compilers of SICStus Prolog 4 and SWI Prolog.

HYPROLOG SWI.0.3 adapts to changes in SWI Prolog version 7 concerning the internal representation of strings. HYPROLOG SWI.0.2 will not run under SWI Prolog 6 or earlier; however, HYPROLOG SWI.0.3 will likely also run under the earlier versions of SWI Prolog.