Sample programs

The following program texts are also included in the HYPROLOG download files; they are included here for easy inspection. The files you can view here contain html codes, so for execution uses those included with the HYPROLOG download files. Copy-pasting the code from the browser window may also give the right characters.

smallHypo Shows the HYPROLOG syntax, and when loaded, it will indicate what the HYPROLOG compiler is adding behind the carpet for the different special constructs.
Notice that HYPROLOG uses slightly different internal rules in the versions adapted to different Prolog systems. Calculates no interesting function.
wetGrass Standard example of an abductive logic program from the literature.
dbViewUpdate Formulates database update through views as abduction.
benchmarkDB Database update through views; made suitably complex in order to be used for benchmarking. Includes printing of execution times.
constructionWork A planning problem formulated as abduction.
diagnosisPeriodic A diagnosis problem formulated as abduction; based on the assumption of periodic faults.
diagnosisConsistent A diagnosis problem formulated as abduction; based on the assumption of consistent faults. Shows a principle called correct-results-produced-in-correct-way assumption.
shootingLuckyLuke Natural language discourse analysis as abduction with simplified pronoun resolution using assumptions.
shootingLuckyLukeAdvanced A more elaborate version of the above, which integrates semantic/pragmatic analysis with a more advanced pronoun resolution heuristics.
superprinters Simulation of print job scheduling implemented by means of assumtions. Includes timing predicates so it can be used for comparison with other implementations of assumptions.
chop Dining philosophers' problem as abduction.
build15 Another planning problem as abduction.
cat A simple but very illustrative example of natural language discourse analyses as abduction.
graph5 A path problem formulated as abduction; demonstrates how HYPROLOG integrates smoothly with the external constraint solver clpq.