HYPROLOG has been thought out by Henning Christiansen and Veronica Dahl and implemented by Henning Christiansen.

The system is introduced in the following publication, which should be referenced in any publication referring to HYPROLOG.

H. Christiansen and V. Dahl, HYPROLOG: A New Logic Programming Language with Assumptions and Abduction, In: Proc. International Conference on Logic Programming, ICLP'05, M. Gabbrielli and G. Gupta (Eds.), pp. 159-173, 2005. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3668.
See pdf.
The implementation and semantics principles behind HYPROLOG are spelled out in the following paper.
H. Christiansen. Executable specifications for hypothesis-based reasoning with Prolog and Constraint Handling Rules, Journal of Applied Logic, to appear 2008 or -09.
Preliminary version available as pdf.
You may find other publications on HYPROLOG and its applications via these authors' home pages.

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