CHRG: CHR Grammars

A grammar notation based on Constraint Handling Rules

Developed and maintained by Henning Christiansen
Research group PLIS: Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems
Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies
Roskilde University
P.O.Box 260, DK-4000 Roskilde, DENMARK

© Henning Christiansen 2002, 2010, 2016

This web site contains User's Guide, source code for CHRG and example files that may run under SICSTUS Prolog 4 and SWI Prolog.

The system is freely available for any peaceful and noncommercial applications. For other purposes, write to the author.

Version 1.2 is adapted to changes in SWI Prolog version 7; it is expected also to work with earlier versions of SWI Prolog.
Version 1.1 differs from 1.0 by fixing a few minor issues. Version 1.0 is adapted from an earlier version 0.1 from 2002, that ran under SICStus Prolog 3.
Earlier versions of CHRG are not available.

CHRG stands for "CHR Grammars" and is a logical grammar system based on CHR, analogously to the way Definite Clause Grammars are defined and implemented on top of Prolog. CHR is an extension to Prolog originally intended for writing constraint solvers in a declarative way, but it is also relevant for language processing as it provides a natural framework for bottom-up evaluation and easy ways to manipulate different kinds of hypotheses. -- CHRG provides the grammatical interface to CHR.

User's Guide to CHR Grammars       Source code for the CHRG system       Examples of CHRGs

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