Efficient viterbi for PRISM models with annotations

developed by Henning Christiansen

PRELIMINARY WEBSITE, MARCH 2009/ Version 3.1 added March 2011

Extends the probabilistic-logic PRISM system developed by Sato, Kameya and Zhou with a facility to Viterbi predictions for models with annotations. In PRISM this otherwise requires a lot of hand-coding to make it run efficiently; here we do all that automatically.

Documentation currently restricted to comments in the files. The system is given in three versions.

1.1 has been debugged more extensively than 2.1, but from a user of PRISM 1.12 or higher it should not make any difference which version is used. However, both depend on details of the PRISM system that are not documented in detail, so ...

THIS ANNOTATION SYSTEM can be downloaded and used for free for any peaceful and non-commercial purpose. The developer take no responsibility for any consequences of the use of this software. For possible commercial applications, or if any doubts concerning these conditions, please write to the developer.


Last modification 10 March 2011