Programming environments - programming paradigms

A workshop at Roskilde University, 22-24 October 1986 later becoming known as
NWPER86, Nordic Workshop on Programming Environment Research 1986.

This workshop was an important event for the establisment of the NWPER series of workshops that still take place once every one or two years..

General + program chair: Henning Christiansen

Program committee: Bengt Lennartsson, Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Henning Christiansen.

Proceedings: Christiansen, H., (ed.), Programming environments - programming paradigms. Proceedings of a workshop at Roskilde University, October 22-24, 1986, (235 pp., 20 papers), Datalogiske skrifter 7, Roskilde University, 1987.

Last edit 4 January 2002. Henning Christiansen