An image classification system based on supervised machine learning

Developed and maintained by Henning Christiansen
PLIS: Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems
Department of People and Technology
Roskilde University
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HIC is an interactive system for image classification system on supervised machine learning written in Processing, processing.org.

It has been developed specifically for the course Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Systems, given at Roskilde's Humanities-Technology Bachelor studies. This web site contains a User's Guide and the source code.

HIC is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License; see details in the source code. The sample images bundled with the source code are kindly made available by made available by James Z. Wang, find details at http://wang.ist.psu.edu/docs/home.shtml.

Current versions: 1.2.0 and 1.2.1
Use 1.2.1 on newer Macs which will run into trouble with 1.2.0 due to the use of the built-in camera. (Bad design of MacOS' security facilities makes it difficult to have you own programs to access the camera.)


User's Guide and introduction to HIC       HIC 1.2.0       HIC 1.2.1       Sample images      

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