Reasoning and language processing with Constraint Handling Rules

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A PhD course in the FIRST Research school arranged by

Henning Christiansen
Research group PLIS: Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems
Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies
Roskilde University, Denmark


Jon Sneyers
Dept. Computer Science
K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Dates and other practical information

November 12, 2010: Part I, Logic programming in Prolog
November 24-26, 2010: Part II: Introduction CHR, its semantics and applications + III: Abductive reasoning and language processing with CHR

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Official curriculum (preliminary list)

Complementary and additional reading

Any good book on Prolog programming, e.g., the following that are also available online: Easier (perhaps) accessible introduction to Prolog and CHR for NLP:
Henning Christiansen: Logic Programming for Linguistics: A short introduction to Prolog, and Logic Grammars with Constraints as an easy way to Syntax and Semantics, (2010).

Slides, exercises, source texts . . .

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